I'm glad you didn't get lost sneaking off that front page of mine. I tried to tell her she was placing too much on one page.  She just doesn't listen. She complains when she has to wait for a long download, and then what does She do? She tries to overload my page.

I fixed her. I drug part of it to this site.  I'm gonna keep it buried here so she can't mess it up again. That way we don't have to wait so long to visit.  Whenever you see the little white pup (like the one shown), just click on it for a short trip to dig up more hidden tidbits.  We can pretty much ignore Her and just enjoy ourselves.  Scruffy[Puppy from .geocities.com/Heartland/7890]

Here are some of the songs She has found so far. She should be able to find more.   If you know of any, please send me an email with the address to go fetch them.  

Oh, you want to know why some are in red?  Well, She says there are songs with those lines in them, but She doesn't know the name.  No, She is not stupid.   She has C.R.S.a.D.C . which means She Can't Remember Stuff and Doesn't Care.

Oh, another comment.  None of these songs are probably linked yet.  She says She will get it done sooner or later. Anyone out there want to take bets on this?  I say later, much, much, later.  She will probably decide never to link them, just so She will have something to place on her 'To Do List' on her site called Bits and Pieces of Her.  There have been times I'd like to change that to Bite a Piece of Her!

Bingo Dalmatian Plantation
Puppy Love Walking The Dog
Hey Bull Dog How Much is That Doggie in the Window
Scooby Doo Perfect Isn't Easy
He's a Tramp Bella Notte
Family Dog Roll, over this bad dog's movin in (Hank Williams?)
Lassie Johnny is a Joker/He's a Bird Dog (Everly Brothers?)
Peanuts Good Company
Hound Dog Where Can My Little Dog Be?
Old Yeller Theme from Cajo
Old Shep Hounds of (in some kinda 'ville')

If you like any of these songs, please go to Enchante's Carousel and  Laura's Music Heaven to get your own copy.  There is no charge and  there are neat categories. The midis are easier to retrieve than digging up bones.  And it you wait for Her to get these linked for your listening pleasure ~~I'm still taking bets that it will not be done.

[Grab hold of collar so we can go]

Take a quick look at stuff below
Then grab my collar so we can go
If I'm gone too long, I may go back and find
that She's doing her pages instead of mine

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Please send mail with this button or hyperlink.  At least she is allowing me to have my own private email. She doesn't need to see my mail. Remember and let me know about the songs. I'll find some way, some day, to get these working.

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Little White Dog is from
Moggie's World of Animation